Bringing Flowers on a Plane


Whether you're surprising a loved one or just want to admire their beauty when you arrive at your destination, bringing flowers on a plane can add a wonderful touch to your travel. Flowers can be delivered by air, but there are a few things to know in order to take flowers without any problems.

To make sure that flowers remain fresh during the journey, wrap the stems in a wet paper towel and cover them in plastic. To avoid damaging the petals and leaves of the flower handle them with care , you can use tissue or bubble wrap to keep them safe. 

During the security check tell the security person in advance that you are carrying flowers to avoid any confusion during screening. And during the travel if you are carrying flowers in carry-on luggage be sure to abide by the size and other restrictions of the airlines, and if you are carrying them in your checked luggage be sure to pack them properly to avoid anymage during travel.

If you are travelling to a different country be sure to know all the rules and restrictions during the trip. To avoid the pollen spreading, use pre-arranged flowers or banquets.Flowers can add an original element to your travel experience whether you are carrying them for your beloved or just to admire their beauty during the trip. 

So when travelling next time you don't have to think can you take flowers on a plane? You can carry flowers with you but you just need to be cautious and follow all the rules and regulations.


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